Why Choose Us?

We make the prices fair and cheap to insure our customers can get what they want at a fair price. We value our customers and we want to make them smile. Our customers are our #1 priority.

"To succeed in life you must fail first"

OG Haidon

What Happens If My Order's Risk Score Is Over 75?

A risk score is the chances of the buyer committing identity theft or fraud. It it estimated about information and how accurate it is. If your risk score is over 75 we will terminate your order. Please keep in mind we don't issue refunds when the risk score is over 75. The risk score is estimated and provided by Fraudlabs Pro. Your order may be declined at checkout if we believe the information you used were either false or inaccurate.


 If you need to send items back for return or need to send us a letter, send to this address. Please note our suite number is 319616


26C Hazel Road, Hampshire, SO19 7GA, United Kingdom